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Bass Gold
7 November, 2023
"BASS Gold" Actively Explores the Ushshoky Deposit
"BASS Gold" has shared updates on ongoing activities related to the exploration of the Ushshoky deposit, particularly in the construction of a gold processing plant, as reported by the PR department of BASS Holding. The current activities include the following points: Crushing and grinding equipment has been put into operation to prepare the ore mass coming from the mine (ball mill MShR 2.1x3 and cone crusher). The installation of equipment for the hydrometallurgical workshop for ore leaching continues, in accordance with the contract with Xinha company. After the factory is launched, the entire volume of mined ore will be processed. In November of this year, the delivery of additional equipment to increase ore extraction volumes is expected: a loading and hauling machine and a mine electric locomotive. Additionally, the construction of the tailings storage facility, warehouse for potent toxic substances, and chemical laboratory is nearing completion. The company plans to complete all necessary work within the construction schedule of the new gold extraction plant and the modernization of the mine by the end of 2023. The focus at the Ushshoky deposit will be on the production of the final product in the form of Dore alloy.