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Bass Gold
18 October, 2023
BASS Gold Plans to Build a Flotation Concentrate Factory at the Acquired Chinasyl-sai Deposit
BASS Gold has acquired the Chinasyl-sai deposit in the Almaty region, with preliminary gold reserves estimated at 7 tons, according to the PR department of BASS Holding. This transaction has allowed the company to reach total gold reserves of 10 tons, with the potential for further increase after the completion of necessary geological exploration work. The Chinasyl-sai deposit also contains reserves of silver, zinc, lead, and cadmium. The acquisition of this new deposit aligns with the company's plans to expand its resource base for the further increase of production volumes of higher-value products. In addition, to process the entire volume of extracted ore at the Chinasyl-sai deposit, the construction of a flotation concentrate factory with a capacity of 300,000 tons of ore per year is planned. Therefore, the total expected processing capacity of the company, including the factory at the Ushshoky deposit, will be 372,000 tons of ore per year, resulting in the production of final products, including Dore alloy. The launch of the factory at the new deposit is scheduled for the second half of 2024.